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the photography of Christopher Holland

My name is Christopher Holland. I've been experimenting with photography since 1994 or so, mostly digital now although I started with B&W film. I've had various cameras through the years and I love them all for one reason or another. Minoltas, Kodaks, Polaroids, Sigmas, Mamiyas, Canons, Nikons, Panasonics, etc. If a photo on this site is lacking camera data (EXIF) then that means that it was probably shot on film (more than likely with a Mamiya RB67). Otherwise, EXIF data is available for all images.

This site is a collection of photographs that I consider my personal favorites. Some I like because of the technical achievement of producing the image. Others are included purely because of aesthetic qualities. Some are included because they are images that have some personal importance to me and, therefore, my development as a photographer.

Photography usually isn't my day job. While my academic background is in art, design, digital media, and photography I currently make a living as a computer programmer. I work for LibraryThing as a developer and am responsible for some fairly cool projects there, including Common Knowledge and Local.

I do occasionally get paid to do some photography but it is usually not all that artistic in nature. I've been to many countries as an archaeological and museum object photographer. Israel, Greece, Cyprus, and Cuba were all trips to document various archaeological artifacts. I usually turn these trips into working vacations as any sane person would.

Feel free to comment on photos. If you would like to purchase prints of any of the photographs please let me know by leaving a comment on the photograph. I screen all comments so I'll see it and I'll filter it out. If I get any interest I can look into implementing some sort of online purchase mechanism.

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